Small Capital Business Opportunity, Young People are Suitable for Running This Business. Some young people have an independent mindset, in order to reduce the burden on their family, especially after graduating from college.

Awareness of the difficulty of finding a job after graduating from college is a factor for young people today to look for other alternative ways to be able to stand on their own (independent)

One easy way is to open your own business or partner with other people. There have been many young souls or young entrepreneurs who were successful before he graduated from college.

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We can do business opportunities both offline and online. Especially when the pandemic strikes, individual independent businesses are mostly engaged in by young people, housewives and even students.

Small Capital Business Opportunity, Young People are Suitable for Running This Business

The technology market is capable of fueling online businesses. Likewise offline businesses, activities at home only require entertainment, the rise of instagramable hangout places are the main reference material for young entrepreneurs.

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A number of business opportunity ideas that young people can cultivate, with a series of creativity they have, can have more value and are not just selling. What are the business ideas?

Small Capital Business Idea

Here are some small capital business ideas, quoted from various sources:

Thrift Shop

Requires not too much capital, a thrift shop is a form of business that sells various used products from within and outside the country, which still have good conditions and are suitable for use.

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Products traded in thrift shops can be in the form of clothes, pants, bags, shoes, hats, accessories, and various other used products. Clothing products that can be purchased to start this business are usually sold in sacks.

One sack of clothes has a price of about 1 million rupiah. In one sack of clothes usually contains 50-100 random clothes.

These clothes are not always in perfect condition. Sometimes there are clothes with defects, such as torn or have loose buttons.

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You can repair the defective product before selling it. You also need to wash all the clothes you want to sell first to make sure they are clean.

If necessary, you can pre-soak the clothes in hot water to remove any bacteria or germs that may be in them so that your customers will be safer.

Coffee Shop

Opening a coffee shop is also a good business opportunity idea. The graph of coffee shop business in Indonesia is on the rise, if the target is right, even though there are many competitors, coffee shops will still be busy. Especially now that many coffee shops are actually managed by young people.

Moreover, what is sought after is an instagramable coffee shop design, many young people like to find a suitable hangout for photo spots.

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Laundry is one of the business businesses that young people can try. Laundry is a business that offers laundry services. Generally, people use this service when they don’t have time to wash their dirty clothes.

Laundry services are widely used by urban communities, especially for those who live in boarding houses. The location for starting this business is very important because it can determine the sustainability of the business going forward.

However, there are many other kinds of business that young people can do today. The most important thing is a strong will and want to try to do better. That’s a little explanation about the type of business that can be a business expansion for young people. Hope it is useful.


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