Here’s a List of the Best Stock Trading Simulation Applications 2021. Do you want to learn trading, but are confused about what to do? For those of you, beginners, this is fine (natural).

In fact, many people sometimes doubt and are haunted by the shadow of losses when doing trading activities. For those of you who are still anxious, and haunted by worry, fear of losing and so on.

An easy solution to overcome these problems you can follow some of the following explanations, so you can break the deadlock about trading

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Trading simulation applications are the solution, you don’t need to spend a dime. In fact, you get “fictitious”money to play stocks online in the simulation. Just like stock investing, stock trading also has risks that tend to be large. 

Here’s a List of the Best Stock Trading Simulation Applications 2021

Especially if you choose fried stocks when you do it over bluechip stocks. To minimize the risk of possible losses, stock trading simulation applications are chosen by many beginner traders to learn.

Here is a list of the best trading simulation apps for beginners Stockbit Users of this application can learn how to play stocks with the virtual trading features provided.

Here’s a List of the Best Stock Trading Simulation Applications 2021

Stock trading demo in accordance with the movement of the original Indonesian stock exchange data. Not only virtually, users can make real investments.

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The Stockbit application works in collaboration with Sinarmas Sekuritas, so to do real trading, users must be registered as Sinarmas Sekuritas customers.

This application has a feature that allows users to discuss various stock info with investors and other traders who are members of the community. Users can have private chats with other investors and traders for more intensive stock analysis.

This can increase knowledge about stock investing, especially for beginners. RTI Business This application is one application that is quite widely recommended for investors and stock traders to have.

RTI is an application that provides the latest data from the Indonesia Stock Exchange in real time. RTI Business is a favorite application to be able to help investors perform fundamental analysis because its features are quite complete.

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As in the Financials tab, there is a description of the company’s performance in the last 5 years starting from the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, earnings, profitability, to growth.

You can find out in detail the transactions of a particular stock and the history of its stock movement in a month. There is also a Calendar feature that contains various schedules for corporate corporate actions, such as dividends, rights issues, GMS, IPOs, and others.

This simulation feature is useful for beginners who want to learn and practice investing or trading stocks, because the transaction features are similar to the standard application of the original securities company.


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