Here are the types of Betta Fish, Varied with Fantastic Prices. Betta fish is one of the prima donna fish that live in fresh water which is much favored by ornamental fish lovers around the world. The Most Expensive Types of Betta Fish, wow..

This beautiful fish is a favorite fish to keep. There are several types of betta fish with varying prices ranging from cheap to expensive.

The charm of the beauty of the color of betta fish is the main attraction for owners and lovers of ornamental fish. This betta fish has a native habitat in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore and Vietnam.

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But before you buy a betta fish, consider the type of betta fish that you will care for and maintain at a suitable and friendly price. Betta fish are fish that are cultivated in terms of business matters, not only offering the charm of external beauty, there are several types of betta fish that have a pretty fantastic selling price.

Here are the types of Betta Fish, Varied with Fantastic Prices

The Most Expensive Types of Betta Fish

1. Kachen Worachai Betta Fish

This Kachen Worachai betta fish is a type of betta fish, has red, white, blue and so on. At first glance this betta fish is similar to the color of the Thai flag. This Kachen Worachai Betta fish was auctioned online and sold for around 1,530 USD, wow

2. Plaque Betta Fish

Plaque betta fish originating from Thailand. The name Plakat comes from “Plakad” which in Thai means “fight”. This type of fish has a unique shape

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3. Double Tail Betta Fish

This betta fish has a tail that is split in half and has different color gradations. This animal is also a rare type of fish

4. Halfmoon Betta Fish

This Halfoom betta fish is a fish that has a tail and fin shape like the shape of a half moon. This fish comes from this Thailand

5. Fancy Betta Fish

As the name suggests, this Fancy Betta fish has a fairly high selling price. This fish has a color combination like 3 dimensions.

The beauty of this fish is seen when the fish swim and move their fins.

That’s a little information related to the types of Betta Fish, Varied with Fantastic Prices. Hope it is useful


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