Here Are Some of The Best Forex Brokers in Indonesia and Several Countries In The World. What is the meaning and what are the criteria for the best forex broker? Forex is a financial instrument with the largest trading value in the world, surpassing stocks and other instruments.

Forex market investment is also large in Indonesia, especially with the proliferation of online investment developments. It’s just that before investing in forex, of course you have to know how to choose the best broker.

Forex brokers are parties who can serve retail transactions that will arrange for each individual trader to be able to make forex trades by forwarding requests from these traders to larger brokers until each trader’s requests can be accommodated in the forex market. Forex brokers can be companies, institutions, agents, or individuals.

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Competition in the forex market is very tight with the presence of many forex brokers along with the choice of features and products provided.

You must know how to choose the right and best broker so that you can trade legally in Indonesia.

In the end, the profits obtained will of course also be maximized and more guaranteed. This time, Qoala has summarized the best forex brokers in Indonesia and the world, including a list of official brokers for CoFTRA 2021 to tips on choosing the best forex broker especially for you.

Here Are Some of The Best Forex Brokers in Indonesia and Several Countries In The World

List of the Best Forex Brokers in Indonesia From 2020 to Present (2021). After knowing the tips for finding the best forex broker, you should also know the list of brokers to choose from, especially in Indonesia.

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The following is a list of the best forex brokers registered with CoFTRA in 2020, 2021, and the previous year in 2019.

Here Are Some of The Best Forex Brokers in Indonesia and Several Countries In The World

1. PT Global Kapital Investama Futures The first best forex broker recommendation, there is PT Global Kapital Investama Berjangka which has a trademark called GKInvest. 

The company is based in Jakarta and has obtained a permit from CoFTRA. PT Global Kapital Investama Berjangka has also become an official member of two well-known exchanges in Indonesia, namely the Indonesian Commodity and Derivative Exchange (ICDX) and the Jakarta Future Exchange (JFC).

GKInvest offers innovative technology with product trading services, ranging from currencies, stock indices, precious metals, and oil. In addition, GKInvest also provides free training for its clients to become reliable traders. In May 2019, GKInvest was ranked first in the volume of bilateral transaction trade in Indonesia.

2. PT Asia Trade Point Futures Asia Trade is also one of the best forex brokers in Indonesia. One of the investment packages provided is the cheapest deposit option, which is 10 million rupiah.

Each package includes free forex education and this is certainly useful for novice forex traders. Although not as easy and effective as international brokers, Asia Trade has been registered with CoFTRA so that its trust is guaranteed. One of the best forex brokers 2020 has a variety of products ranging from forex, precious metals, buying and selling commodities, oil, and others

Asia Trade’s best forex broker features: Brand Name: ASIA Trade Platforms: ATPF Trader 4 For Desktop, ATPF Trader 4 For Mobile, Multilateral Apps Analysis: news, technical analysis, events Products: forex, oil, gold, and multilateral Education: learn Forex and provide webinars, even face to face.

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3. PT Monex Investindo Futures (MIFX)

The next best forex broker is Monex Investindo, which provides services with spreads starting from 0.

This means that profit can be maximized with very minimal spreads. This broker also provides a free demo account for beginners to learn forex trading. The features and facilities of one of the best brokers in Indonesia are as follows:

Legality: officially registered with CoFTRA Market execution: real-time transactions and market execution orders Withdrawal: easy withdrawal of funds Alert: have notifications on smartphone Spreads: from 0 Speed: faster reliable trading without delay Account: guaranteed security with a separate account system Customer service 24 hours a day

Here Are Some of The Best Forex Brokers in Indonesia and Several Countries In The World

4. PT. MRG Mega MRG Mega

Previously known as PT Askap Future, has a Social Trade feature so that novice traders can learn from the experience of experienced traders.

This broker requires a minimum deposit of 5 million and is relatively affordable for novice traders who want to try forex trading in Indonesia.

This local best forex broker was founded in 1998 and is the first futures brokerage company in Indonesia that is recognized by the government.

The company is also one of the pilot projects that accepts customers electronically starting with 0.1 lot transactions. Features of the best forex broker PT. Mega MRG: Deposit: Starting from USD $500 Transaction: small lot 0.1 lot System: Has an integrated online trading system for easy and fast deposits and withdrawals Trade: Metatrader 4 features market execution, demo account


Has also received permission from CoFTRA so that it becomes an official forex broker operating in Indonesia. The interface is also similar to the OctaFX broker, and of course adapted to the Indonesian market.

The trading platform owned by PT. Octa Investama Futures is engaged in Commodity and Derivative Futures Trading. OCTA.ID provides the best service with today’s advanced technology on the Indonesian Futures Exchange.

The company is a local broker that offers high liquidity at competitive prices and spreads, but remains transparent. Features of the best forex broker OCTA.ID: MetaTrader4 platform: has many advantages and is supported by all operating systems from Windows, MAC and mobile applications that can be accessed on Android and iOS Rebates, leverage, profitable fees Transaction facilities and Customer Service (CS) services that can be accessed for 24 hours either by telephone or live chat


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