Easy Tips for Ornamental Fish Business for Beginners, Guaranteed Success. Tips for successful small-cap ornamental fish business may be necessary to know for novice businessmen who are looking for new opportunities. The ornamental fish business itself can indeed be said to be a risky prospect. Why? Because the market share is already focused.

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Ornamental fish is not a type of fish that can be consumed, but to be maintained or as a decoration to beautify home decorations. Due to this, many ordinary business actors prefer to cultivate types of fish that can be consumed rather than ornamental fish.

In fact, the ornamental fish business is no less promising, you know. In fact, the resulting turnover can reach tens of millions of rupiah. Therefore, on this occasion we will discuss about successful tips for small but profitable ornamental fish business. Let’s have a look together.

Easy Tips for Ornamental Fish Business for Beginners, Guaranteed Success

Ornamental Fish Business Prospects

Reporting from the investmentuntung.com site, the net profit that can be obtained by an ornamental fish business actor can reach IDR 6 million per month. Thus, it is undeniable that the ornamental fish business itself is an opportunity that has a bright, profitable and promising future.

There are many types of ornamental fish that can be cultivated, sold, and marketed, such as betta fish, goldfish koi, guppies, arowanas, and many more which of course you can choose based on the prospects and popularity of each fish.

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In addition, one of the advantages of the ornamental fish business is that it does not require a large area of land, it can even be done at home. You can take advantage of the front porch of the house or existing vacant land to start a business, as long as the location is located in a strategic place and is easily seen from various people’s points of view.

Although it is known to have a relatively narrow market share because only certain people are interested in buying it, in fact ornamental fish can actually reach various levels of society without exception.

This is because, ornamental fish have various types so that people can choose based on their individual preferences and needs. For example, if you want to target the lower middle class, then you can sell ornamental fish such as betta or koi.

Meanwhile, if you focus on the upper class, then you can sell types of fish such as flowerhorn, arowana, and others. Indonesian waters have approximately 700 types of ornamental fish. Some of them are currently under protection because their numbers are running low, but some are still allowed to be bred.

Now, with a diverse market share, it is clear that customers will also come from various circles, so that the ornamental fish business itself can be one of the business prospects that is quite promising and certainly profitable.

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Easy Tips for Ornamental Fish Business for Beginners, Guaranteed Success

Tips for Small Capital Ornamental Fish Business Success

1. Determining the Type of Ornamental Fish and Market Share

The first successful tip for a small capital ornamental fish business is to determine what types of ornamental fish will be sold as well as which consumers are the targets. The consumers themselves can range from children to adults. However, it will be completely influenced by the type of ornamental fish you sell.

If you are a beginner with limited capital, it is advisable to sell ornamental fish from the cheapest prices first, in order to save initial expenses.

2. Business Equipment Needed

If you choose to start an ornamental fish business, then you also need to be ready with the various equipment needed. Because, from there the key to the success of your business. Some of the ornamental fish business equipment needed are aquariums, maintenance ponds, nets, water pumps, hoses and containers, dirt filters, oxygen cylinders, tarpaulins, to buckets as accessories that can beautify the aquarium.

Well, if your capital is still limited, then you don’t need to buy all the equipment at once. Buy the most important equipment first. For the rest, you can pay in installments as the business goes on.

3. Determine the Business Location

The next successful tip for small capital ornamental fish business is to determine the location of the business. Choose a strategic location and can be seen by many people. In addition, don’t forget to make the business location as attractive as possible so that people are interested in visiting.

And to minimize the budget, you can start from using the land in front of the house or renting shop houses and kiosks with cheap rental prices. But, of course, it is located in a strategic location, because that is where the key to the success of the business you are running is from.

4. Learn Various Things About Ornamental Fish

Each field of business certainly has its own techniques and strategies. The ornamental fish business is no exception. Besides you have to know about what equipment is needed in the ornamental fish business, you also need to learn various things about ornamental fish cultivation itself, such as how to buy seeds, breed, to give food.

That way, even though you are still a beginner, you can also minimize failure and develop your business more successfully, because you have enough knowledge.

5. Promotion

Keep in mind that doing promotions doesn’t always require a large budget, you know. With the power of social media that exists today, you can use this to advertise the business that you create without the need to spend a dime.

You can start creating an Instagram account for business and following various ornamental fish lover community accounts that also have Instagram accounts. After that, you can start sending messages directly to advertise.

Not only that, you can also start joining associations of ornamental fish lovers and establish as many relationships as possible. By establishing good relationships accompanied by intense communication, you can be sure that your business can slowly develop.

Plus we also must not forget the power of mouth-to-mouth or the power of word of mouth. Once there are customers who are satisfied with the products and services you provide, it is likely that these customers will recommend to friends or relatives who are looking for ornamental fish to buy.

Well, those are some successful tips for small capital ornamental fish business for those of you who are interested in pursuing this field.

source: atelier-ecluse.com


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